photo of Anna

Hello! I'm Anna.

I'm a full stack software engineer with a love for debugging, hockey, and cats.

Languages: JavaScript | Python | SQL | HTML | CSS | TypeScript

Libraries/Frameworks/Tools: React | Node | Express | Django | Flask | SQLAlchemy | PostgreSQL | Bootstrap

About Me

Originally from Texas and now living life on the East Coast, I made a career pivot to software engineering in 2020. I began my career in the human services field - first, as a case manager, and then as a middle school English Teacher. Through this work, I discovered a love for creative problem solving and making data-driven decisions to help clients and students reach their goals. After diving into coding as a hobby, I decided I wanted to share my skills in a more technical role.

Prior to my career change, I graduated from West Texas A&M University with a degree in Psychology. While there, I studied research methodologies, the psychology of learning, and volunteered as a research assistant in our psychology lab.

When I'm not coding, you can find me watching sports, playing video games, or painting (badly).


Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is an administrative student information system app built for staff to manage curriculum at Rithm School and students to obtain important course updates daily. It is built with a Django and PostgreSQL backend. As an engineer at Rithm School, I helped build key administrative features on the backend for staff to use. I implemented fixes for urgent issues, and maintained 95-100% test coverage of the codebase.



Warbler is a serverside Twitter clone utilizing Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Jinja templating, jQuery, and Axios. My main roles were to fix bugs in the user profile, logout, and homepage routes, add profile editing functionality, and add the ability to like a Warble(tweet). I also added testing, including model and view unit tests. This project gave me the opportunity to integrate code into a larger, existing codebase and maintain testing coverage with features added.



Jobly is a full stack app that lists companies and jobs, and allows users to search for new jobs. It uses Node/Express with PostgreSQL on the backend and React on the frontend. Users can register/login with their account credentials. Logged in users can browse and filter companies and view jobs to apply for. I used test driven development (TDD) on the backend and had the opportunity to design a detailed component hierarchy on the frontend.

Get in touch

If you're interested in working together, or just want to talk about code (or hockey!), the best way to get in touch is by email or on LinkedIn.